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Small Animal Foundation MassageDistance Learning certification course SAMP_DL_100
Course Description

In order to meet the busy schedules of many of our students, we are happy to provide a distance learning course as part of our Small Animal Massage Practitioner (SAMP) certification. 

In this portion of the Small Animal Massage Practitioner (SAMP) certification course, you will study the following: animal massage techniques, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, small animal handling, first aid, business development, and ethics. This course is geared toward students wishing to enter the animal massage profession or animal enthusiasts wishing to greatly expand their knowledge base for personal use. This course focuses on massage for dogs and cats, while other small animals are discussed.

Course materials include the NWSAM course workbook, an anatomy text and supplemental guide, a 90 minute DVD, quizzes and activities. Students also may use the online student center.

Each distance learning student is assigned an instructor.  You can contact the instructor via email or phone as needed, and your instructor will respond quickly, usually in the same day.

The total cost of the distance learning program is US$1900**.  The 5-day practical is $500.

** A $20.00 Shipping and Handling fee will be added to your total when processing your application.

To enroll for this course, add this course and the practical session of your choice to your shopping cart when registering.


· SAMP100 Sect. 1 -- Behavior and Handling
This section covers small animal behavior and handling, as well as breeds and disciplines for dogs and cats.
· SAMP100 Sect. 2 -- Anatomy and Physiology
This section explores the skeletal and muscular characteristics and functions of the small animal.
· SAMP100 Sect. 3 -- Kinesiology
This section investigates the biomechanics of the canine and feline.
· SAMP100 Sect. 4 -- Massage Technique
This section provides the study of massage strokes as well as alternative modalities. Creation of massage plans is emphasized, as well as how to use your learning in a client-therapist setting.
· SAMP100 Sect. 5 -- First Aid
This section teaches first aid techniques for the canine and feline.
Instructor: Ms. Lola Michelin
Location: Online
Student Limit: Unlimited
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