Compassionate Equestrian


25 Principles to becoming a compassionate equestrian


25 Principles to becoming a compassionate equestrian

Compassionate Equitation is a heart-centered, science-backed program for everyone who rides and handles horses. The 25 Principles educate and support the equestrian in their desire to create a safe, healthy, non-stressful, and pain-free environment for horses while encouraging approaches to training and handling based on compassion and a willingness to alleviate suffering not only for their horses and themselves, but for the benefit of all.

The Compassionate Equestrian is derived from over 60 years of cumulative experience between the trainer and veterinarian. We have come to realize many horses are in a prolonged state of suffering, and the root cause of that suffering, whether physical pain or mental distress, may be directly or indirectly related to approaches to riding and training. It is possible these conditions might develop anywhere along the entire chain of human handling from birth and early imprinting to various stages of the horse’s education. 

By developing compassion and applying the Principles of Compassionate Equitation to their own lives the horse-person will reach a new paradigm of caring and expanded awareness in their chosen training and handling methods.  This is not a book about training methods, per se, but rather, a guide for personal development and growth as an equestrian, and tools for expanding compassionate awareness and practices to the “Global Herd.” Important options are offered that help each and every horse-person acquire the skills for mentoring others in helping the entire equestrian industry rise to new standards of welfare. We emphasize the science of biomechanics, correct training of horse and rider no matter the discipline or breed, and empathy for the entire life-cycle of each and every horse that graces this planet with their unique presence.