Tracy serves as the executive director for RMSAAM in addition to teaching all levels of the canine and equine massage program and her personal programs: canine and equine craniosacral therapy, herbalism, essential oils, and shamanic healing. She founded her company The CranioConnection 20 years ago. She specializes in providing healing solutions for her animal clients. A big part is that process is to support their guardians by working with them to figure out the root causes of physical, emotional, and behavioral challenges. She has a broad range of certifications including massage, trigger point therapy, the Tellington TTouch Method, herbalism, essential oils, Reiki, shamanic healing, biomechanics, animal communication, and kinesiotape. She is a forever student and is always adding to her toolbox. Tracy has shared her stories as a contributing author in books and magazines and done many radio and tv interviews over the years. Animals and nature have been her most profound teachers. She loves sharing her knowledge with her clients and students to help make a difference in the world and is passionate about the welfare of all living beings on the planet.