Canine Manual Ligament Therapy Online

Canine Manual Ligament Therapy Online

Learn Manual Ligament Therapy as developed by Arik Gohl and modified for animals by Lola Michelin. NWSAM is the exclusive provider of MLT Certification.
LOLA · March 8, 2021

Transform your practice by completing our Practitioner Certification in Manual Ligament Therapy for Canines.  During the online portion of this blended learning course, you will learn the Foundation and Science of Manual Ligament Therapy.  This will set  the stage for you to learn specific releases for various regions of the body.  MLT dramatically reduces hypertonicity in the muscles and restores balance and stability of the joints while improving patterns of movement.  Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT) is based on osteopathic techniques developed by Arik Gohl and adapted for animals by Lola Michelin.

Combine this online course with the 2-day hands on training for certification.

Online: self-paced instruction in anatomy of the joints and ligaments as well as the theory and history of MLT.

Day One On-Site: On-site instruction and practice.

Day Two On-Site:  More on-site instruction followed by a proficiency practical.

The hands-on portion of the training is limited to 8 students for optimal learning.

Total Cost: $750US ($250 for the online portion and $500 for the hands-on portion)

There are three lessons online that you should complete prior to attending the two-day hands-on training.

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