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Visceral Therapy builds on the general principles of osteopathy to include a special understanding of the organs (viscera), blood vessels and nerves of the body. Visceral Techniques can help relieve imbalances and restrictions in the interconnections between the movements of all the organs and structures of the body.

Organs/internal tissues impact afferent (sensory) nerve flow of the autonomic nervous system. These changes in afferent nerve flow can lead to specific patterns of hypertonia and referred pain which can result in immobility in the spine, pelvis and shoulder region. Many of the musculoskeletal restrictions may be coming from a root visceral cause. To achieve and maintain long term healthy movement in the body, allowing for optimal performance, visceral causes of spinal and pelvic restrictions need to be addressed.

This advanced class has been created by Kris De Ceulaer, DVM, Ph.D for veterinarians and manual therapists/practitioners with a strong background in anatomy.The outline of the class is:


Visceral Therapy in Osteopathy


1. Why do we use Visceral Therapy?

  • General
  • How can we describe visceral movement?
  • How can we treat visceral movement limitations?
  • When can skeletal problems be of visceral origin?
  • Neuro-anatomy and vascularization

2. Anatomy and osteopathy of the thoracic organs

3. Anatomy and osteopathy of the abdominal cavity

4. Anatomy and osteopathy of the pelvic organs


Kris De Ceulaer, DVM, Ph.D is a veterinarian in Belgium who specializes in osteopathy, acupuncture and Chinese Food Therapy. Additionally she holds a Ph.D in Veterinary anatomy. Information in the class is presented by Power Points slides with accompanying lecture by Kris. Additionally she provides hands on videos illustrating how to assess as well as treat restrictions of the viscera.

This online class is a prerequisite for a one-day hands-on class to be offered on Vashon Island, WA once international travel from Europe to the US is safe.