Large Animal Massage Distance Learning: Foundation Level

Large Animal Massage Distance Learning: Foundation Level

At NWSAM, we supply the information for your mind, which will guide, supplement, and magnify what your heart and body learn through touch. · April 6, 2019


We believe you need to be well-versed in five basic areas of study. During this course you will be exposed to this information through these five subject areas:

  • Behavior and Handling
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Massage Techniques
  • First Aid and CPR

Each area of study is vital to learning massage as taught by NWSAM. Our philosophy is fairly simple. We want to provide an experience for the horse that will help to optimize its performance potential from a physiological and a psychological aspect. We believe the physical and mental states are inseparable and the glue that binds the two together is the nervous system. Therefore, our massage techniques are designed not only to address the immediate needs of the tissues but also to educate the horse’s body and mind of a more flowing and efficient manner of movement. Providing this level of benefit to the horse requires understanding and applying these fundamental concepts.

Topics Covered in This Course

Swedish Massage

Fascial Anatomy

Massage for Health Maintenance

 Range of Motion and Safe Stretching


Business Practices and Ethics


At NWSAM, we supply the information for your mind, which will guide, supplement, and magnify what your heart and body learn through touch. Over time, your touch will become increasingly effective and efficient at influencing positive changes for your animal clients. Rather than teaching you a specific massage routine, our goal is to provide you with a variety of tools and a process of evaluation, decision-making, and application that empowers you to treat each dog as an individual.

Certification is awarded after completing this course, the 5-day practical and required case studies.


As part of your tuition cost, NWSAM provides you with a printable pdf of each of the five chapters included in this Large Animal Massage course. Some students prefer to study the chapter content offline, and/or off screen in a printed context.

It is your choice and responsibility to access, save, and print these pdfs for use during and after completion of the course. Inclusion of the pdfs in the Resources section fulfills NWSAM’s responsibility to provide you with the material to have after your online access is deactivated, upon completion of the course and practicum.

It is IMPORTANT to note that You must read through ALL online pages regardless of where the material is primarily studied, so that the program sees your student progress as completed. ALL ACTIVITIES AND QUIZZES MUST BE DONE ONLINE so they may be reviewed by instructors, and be part of your student records and document completion.

No part of the copyrighted course content, in any form, may be printed, copied, or shared for any purpose other than by the individual enrolled student for his/her studies.

Click on any of the files below to access or download.

Large Animal Massage Chapter PDFs

Completed SOAP Chart
Equine Anatomy External Points
Equine Anatomy Deep Muscles
Equine Anatomy Directional
Equine Anatomy Joints
Equine Anatomy Superficial Muscles
Equine Anatomy Skeletal System
Health Intake Form
Completed Health Intake Form
Equine Gate and Confirmation Analysis Intake
Lola Stretching Horse Images





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