Horse Temperament Typing

Horse Temperament Typing

LOLA · March 13, 2020

Interested in learning more about Horse Temperament Typing? Then we have a class for you!

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There are many approaches to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but the Five-Element approach is unique in that it includes the idea that each of us, animal or human, represents a “constitutional type,” exhibiting certain physical and emotional traits that are specific to that type. Viewing the individual from this perspective can also be applied to horses, thus facilitating a better understanding of any given horse’s nature and needs. Madalyn Ward, DVM has created a variety of resources to help horse owners understand these personality types and provide for their individual needs.

This online course has been created to share information with you about the eleven Horse Temperament Types as explained by Madalyn Ward, DVM. Dr. Ward has been a pioneering voice in the field of holistic horse care for over two decades and she breaks new ground with the Horse Temperament Typing system. Her cutting edge casework now extends to helping horse lovers find their perfect equine match or better understand their current equine partner.

This online class is self-paced (you have 4 months to complete it) and it is open to anyone interested in learning more about the Horse Temperament Types. While NWSAM is the host for this class, enrollment must be completed through Dr. Ward’s site at Horse Temperament Typing

This class has been NBCAAM approved for 15 hours of continuing education credit.

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