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woman massaging horse's back end while others observeTwo people massaging legs of white horse

PREREQUISITE:  Large Animal Massage Distance-Learning: Foundation Level

This Distance-Learning course focuses on rehabilitation massage techniques, designed to support the animal’s natural healing abilities during times of recovery from injury or illness.  Rehabilitation massage is not designed to be a substitute for proper veterinary care,  and programs are designed with a full health-intake, including referral and consult from a veterinarian.

Topics Covered in the Rehabilitation Level

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Circulatory Massage

Pre-surgical and Post-surgical Protocols

Techniques for Working with Scar Tissue

Techniques for working with Inflammatory Conditions

Common Pathologies

Certification is awarded after completing this course, the 5-day practical and required case studies.

At NWSAM, we supply the information for your mind, which will guide, supplement, and magnify what your heart and body learn through touch. Over time, your touch will become increasingly effective and efficient at influencing positive changes for your animal clients. Rather than teaching you a specific massage routine, our goal is to provide you with a variety of tools and a process of evaluation, decision-making, and application that empowers you to treat each horse as an individual.


Lola Michelin, Director of Education
Northwest School of Animal Massage