Lola Michelin founded the Northwest School of Animal Massage in 2001. She has practiced animal massage for over 30 years and massage for people since 1998.  A graduate of the Animal Science program at Michigan State University, she has work experience in both the veterinarian and zoological fields.

Currently, Lola maintains a private practice for animals in addition to teaching and curriculum development. She consults with zooligical park veterinary teams and owns Paxhia Farm, an equine retirement and rehabilitation facility on Vashon Island.  She speaks and writes regularly on the topic of animal bodywork and is active in promoting standards of practice and legislation for the industry. Her interests include equestrian competition, rowing and sustainable farming. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and she appears on television and radio as an advocate for animal therapies.

Director and Founder of the Northwest School of Animal Massage

Chairman of the Washington Animal Massage Association, 2000-2004

Founding Board Member, National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage 2011-present

Published and featured in:


Massage Magazine

Journal of Massage

Washington Massage Journal

Whole Horse Journal

Modern Dog

Women and Horses: Volume Two

Radio appearances:

Animals Aloud, San Francisco

Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Seattle

Pet Shop Talk, Internet Radio

National Public Radio

Television appearances:

Good Day Oregon