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  • nisbet.erin@gmail.com

    May 27, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    What did you learn that was new to you? I learned that you should let the cat come out of the crate on it’s own time. I’ve only experienced the vet pulling the cat out. Practiced entering and exiting with the cat and then picking her up from the side with support for her front and back upon exit.
    I also practiced handling OAM#1. OAM#1 is mostly blind, diabetic and has arthritis. upon approach I speak to him so he can hear me and I offer my hand for smell. I asked him if he wanted up before I reached under his chest and hind legs to lift him up.

    How did the dog respond to your approach? OAM#1 will vocalize when he hears my voice and willingly approach. He accepts my hand for smell and allows me to stroke his chest. When asked to come up he turned his body to put himself in position to be lifted.

    What facial expression, postures or gestures did you notice, and how did you interpret them?
    I interpret OAM#1’s vocalizations as excitement they are the same as the ones he uses when he hears the word walk. He moves quickly and in an erratic pattern as well which is in contrast to his usual saunter. Maneuvering himself into position to be picked up I interpret as willingly accepting the handling.

    How has knowing how to read dog behavior kept you and the dog(s) safe? Knowing how to read behavior offers the foreshadowing necessary to avoid discomfort for the animal, as well as avoid a situation where i get bit. It helps preserve the relationship, and creates an enjoyable experience for everyone.