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  • Nikki

    March 25, 2024 at 2:51 pm

    What did you learn that was new to you? You can use your forearm behind and just above the hocks to press it into a sit. Who knew!

    How did the dog respond to your approach? My dog looked at me like I was crazy when I approached to his side. I knelt beside him and asked for a sit. He did not. I used the forearm trick and it worked!

    What facial expression, postures or gestures did you notice, and how did you interpret them? My dog looked confused, ears back, tail down. I believe he was feeling defensive and unsure (his nature is that he’s a very insecure dog).

    If you are experienced in canine behavior and handling, what aspects of the material do you feel are most essential? Watching body language and not ignoring the results.

    Do you have a story about an experience with behavior and handling that exemplifies the importance of proper equipment and handling? My anxious dog that I was just working with, often gets very “amped up,” running and barking. He cannot seem to calm himself. I have found that I now call him to me, put on a calming wrap and have him on leash near me until he calms down.

    How has knowing how to read dog behavior kept you and the dog(s) safe? One of my hounds is intermittently aggressive towards the others and has attacked them in the past. I watch for lip licking, stiff tail, and pupil dialation. I make the others give him a wide berth as he does not like to be confronted head-on.