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  • Chris Herman

    March 28, 2021 at 12:16 pm

    I watched YouTube videos on dog handling, leash training, and agility training. Most of the handlers displayed proper leash techniques. I observed one handler slowing down while walking the dog which seemed to confuse the dog. That same handler allowed the dog to pull on the leash and provided treats to the dog while tension was on the leash. The dog may not have lost focus if the handler had remained consistent with his pace and not slowed down. The handler should also not provide treats to the dog while tension in the leash is present. The handler should only provide treats when the dog when the dog is displaying the correct behavior and not pulling on the leash. The handler had difficulty with the dog not pulling on the leash and staying by his side.
    During another YouTube video I observed a handler’s first agility training lesson with their dog. The handler introduced their dog to weave poles and jumps. The dog was interested in the weave poles. The handler was aware that the weave poles were foreign to the dog and let the dog have ample time getting used to the poles before having the dog engage with the poles. The handler gave the dogs treats as the dog progressed through the weave poles for a positive reward. The handler positioned the dog at the start of the of the weave poles and conditioned dog to understand the starting point by using positive reinforcement and treats. I thought the dog did really well the first-time using weave poles. The handler let the dog make mistakes and corrected those mistakes with the dog redoing the weave poles and being given treats when the dog was able to get through the weave poles correctly.