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  • erin

    June 1, 2020 at 2:25 pm

    Dog Handling Workshop with Eric Salas

    During the video dog owners were being taught how to train and handle their dogs for show. The doberman was being walked/run by its owner on a tight lead. Owner was using large movements and tugs in attempt to control the dog. Verbal ques and hand signals were not used. The dog was rejecting being led. When Eric took the lead he used a relaxed arm and loose lead. finger taps on the lead and verbal cue followed by had jesters were used to correct the dog. After multiple rehearsals the dog was able to perform as he was being asked.
    Being aware of your body language is most important when handling dogs. Mini movements can signal big things for a dog, this was highlighted when Eric showed the owners that having hands apart with a treat in one hand verses having hands together with the treat changes the dogs ability to focus.
    The owners were trained on how to stack their dogs for presentation and also used the command head straight while adjusting the dogs head to position the dogs. Other contact that was used was bumping and a push back to correct the dog when it was not behaving in a desired way.