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  • Samuel

    June 1, 2024 at 12:57 am

    I chose to watch some training videos of handlers but also to watch people handle their dogs at the local Park where leashes are required and also the Centennial trail by my house where people run and bike with their dog all the time

    • Did you observe good handling practices when dogs were being leashed and/or walked? Describe your personal observations.
    • A:I noticed a lot of good handling on the trail, people seemed to be very aware of their surroundings, a lot of attention went into how to walk/run their dogs in a busy public setting.
    • Describe two examples of how awareness was utilized by a handler.
    • A: There was a couple walking their 2 dogs side by side and a bike was coming down the way opposite of them, the owners being aware of their surroundings were able to keep the dogs safe.
    • A:One person who seemed to have a some what reactive dog would make sure to keep as much distance as possible away from other dogs that were passing by.
    • Describe two examples of how positioning was utilized by a handler.
    • A: For the reactive dog the owner placed themselves in between the 2 dogs with their dog being on the outside of traffic.
    • A: At the park some one was struggling with the dog pulling on the slack of the lead, so to change the handling of the dog they brought in the slack and had the dog walk closer beside them instead of allowing the dog to pull while out in front of the owner.
    • Give two examples of how contact with the dog was used in the handling.
    • A: In one video one person would reward their dog every time they looked at them during the walk so that way the dog focused on them and would keep the dog in contact with the persons leg/hip.
    • A: During a training video one person who had a dog who was hard focusing on other dogs would use a small tug of the lead to break the dogs focus and continue forward.