Each of our facilities has been hand-selected to provide an exceptional learning environment with a variety of animals and animal professionals.  Facilities may change during the course of the year due to show schedules or events that provide students with unique learning opportunities.  Field trips and guest speakers may also vary.

We choose facilities that are working businesses, enabling students to learn and practice proper barn or kennel etiquette in an environment similar to the types of venues that will provide career opportunities.  Students may be required to abide by facility rules above and beyond school requirements and sign release forms to attend the facility.

Please do not contact our facilities directly.  Please direct your questions or concerns to our administrative offices at info@nwsam.com or toll-free at 877.836.3703.  We do not maintain staff at each of our facilities year round and the facilities are often busy with regular operations.  You will get your best response by contacting NWSAM directly.  Thank you for your understanding in this regard.