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NWSAM offers simple tuition financing options for students wanting to pay their balance over time.  We are able to provide this program because of our strong desire to make our courses more accessible to a diverse group of people. 

Program highlights:

  • This plan assumes an initial deposit of $500 (Foundation Level) or $250 (Performance or Rehabilitation Level) plus shipping and handling.
  • Payments begin on the 1st day of the month after enrollment.
  • You make monthly payments on a loan valued at $1650. (Cost of the course minus deposit)
  • The total loan amount includes a monthly processing fee ($5.00) plus interest.
  • You can pay off the balance at any time, with no penalty.
  • We hold your Certificate of Achievement until final payment is made.
  • The financing program is managed by NWSAM.
  • Only the distance-learning portion of our certification courses are available for financing.  Enrollment for the on-site courses and practicals include a registration fee at the time of enrollment with the balance due on the first day of class.

The minimum monthly payment is $125.00. The final payment may vary slightly based on accumulated interest, fees or prepaid amounts. The monthly payment can be set at any amount above the minimum amount to shorten loan period. Payments are made directly to NWSAM and your account is always handled with respect and personal attention.