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    The Student Area is the hub of each student's online experience.  Every student has access to their own personalized student page featuring:  course outlines, study tools, news, upcoming events, suggested readings and more. Online quizzes are available here, with quiz grades posted automatically to your page. 


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Message Board

The NWSAM Message Boards are the perfect place to communicate with your classmates, instructors, or past students. 

Before Enrolling- You may want to ask former students about what to expect at NWSAM.  Perhaps you are considering another program and want to compare experiences.  Many of our students came to us from other programs around the country; they'll certainly give an honest answer.

Prior to Class- Check in with classmates on their travel plans.  Perhaps a room share or splitting costs for a car rental can be arranged?

During Class- Form a carpool or study group.  Do you have a question about the upcoming exam?  Want to share a study tip with your fellow students?  

After Graduation- Wondering how your fellow students are doing?  Organize a reunion dinner or group gathering.  Share client leads or business development tips.  Maybe you have a patient not responding to your current massage plan. 

The NWSAM Message Boards are the place for all of these topics and more.  Be creative! 

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Student Expectations

We believe learning is best achieved by providing excellent material taught by experienced professionals in a nurturing setting.  We emphasize hands-on learning as a critical gateway to learning and retaining any course material.  You can expect our staff to treat you with respect and to support your efforts to complete the program successfully.

Applicants are screened to ensure each of your classmates share your earnest desire to learn. 


Student Requirements

All students must express a willingness to learn and a genuine interest in animal care.  
All classes have open enrollment.  Course work is designed with the career seeker in mind.  However, some of our students simply have a strong desire to learn massage for practice on their own animals.  While NWSAM welcomes all animal lovers, we also hold all students to the same high expectations of professionalism and compassion.  (Contact us for more information.)  
Be certain you are familiar with your state's legal requirements regarding animal massage.  Some states have licensing requirements for animal massage. Contact your state or local board of massage or health department for more information.
Students are obligated to fulfill the requirements of their student contract and the terms and conditions outlined online.  This includes classroom conduct, academic requirements and financial obligations.


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