We believe learning is best achieved by providing excellent material taught by experienced professionals in a nurturing setting.  We emphasize hands-on learning as a critical gateway to learning and retaining any course material.

The program at NWSAM is challenging, and we expect our students to put in the work necessary to learn the material in a safe and professional manner.  Additionally, our students can expect a great deal from us.

Our core values:

  • Course material:  Our staff has spent 1000s of hours developing the curriculum.  We believe our program will provide any student with the tools to start a career as an animal massage practitioner.
  • Instructors:  All NWSAM instructors are practicing professionals in their fields of expertise.  Each instructor is required to have appropriate training, certification and licensing, as necessary.  Additionally, we bring in top-notch guest speakers to share their perspective on a particular area.  Past guest speakers have included veterinarians, farriers, business development professionals, and animal trainers.
  • Facilities:  All of our classroom facilities are working farms or kennels with appropriate space dedicated to classroom activities.  We choose working facilities for two reasons: 1) provides access to a variety of hand-selected animals, and 2) helps students build a comfort-level in an environment they will encounter in their own professional practice.
  • Hands-on practice:  We believe hands-on work with a number of animal models is the best method of learning and retaining course material. Students will have ample opportunity to work with a variety of clients with varied backgrounds.  Additionally, field trips to shelters, equine therapy programs, and competition venues offer even greater learning opportunities.
  • Safety:  Student and animal safety is a critical concern.  Our experienced instructors are able to watch for unsafe conditions or circumstances.  Class size is generally limited to 12 students with two instructors or a teacher’s assistant, allowing an ideal student-to-instructor ratio.  Due to safety considerations for your pet, we request that students do not bring their own animals to any class session.
  • Career Development:  Our certification courses are specifically designed to train you in animal massage as a career path.  The hands-on training is critical to successful learning and retention.  The school will offer assistance to you in any reasonable manner available both during your enrollment and as one of our graduates.