Student Area

The Student Area is the hub of each student’s online experience.  Every student has access to their own personalized student page featuring:  course outlines, study tools, news, upcoming events, suggested readings and more. Online quizzes are available here, with quiz grades posted automatically to your page.

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Message Board


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The NWSAM Message Boards are the perfect place to communicate with your classmates, instructors, or past students.

Before Enrolling- You may want to ask former students about what to expect at NWSAM.  Perhaps you are considering another program and want to compare experiences.  Many of our students came to us from other programs around the country; they’ll certainly give an honest answer.

Prior to Class- Check in with classmates on their travel plans.  Perhaps a room share or splitting costs for a car rental can be arranged?

During Class- Form a carpool or study group.  Do you have a question about the upcoming exam?  Want to share a study tip with your fellow students?

After Graduation- Wondering how your fellow students are doing?  Organize a reunion dinner or group gathering.  Share client leads or business development tips.  Maybe you have a patient not responding to your current massage plan.

The NWSAM Message Boards are the place for all of these topics and more.  Be creative!