Canine Visionary Craniosacral Therapy Lvl 2 -SEP24

Canine Visionary Craniosacral Therapy Lvl 2 -SEP24

LOLA · April 12, 2024

Developed and taught by Tracy Vroom, Exec Director at RMSAAM

Level 2: The Front End
You’ll be perfecting your ability to feel the rhythm and being in expanded states of awareness, as you learn the front-end anatomy, common pathologies and a protocol specific to issues of the forelimb. Anatomy: neck, withers, forelimb, shoulder girdle, back, ribs & the paw.

VCCST is a heart-based modality grounded in ancient wisdom. The work enhances the function and health of the nerves, membranes, tissues, fluids, and joints. It affects all systems of the body. Using a delicate energetic palpation, the practitioner supports the body, mind and spirit of the being so they can re-balance themselves. We work with them without an agenda, always for their highest good.

This 5 level certification program takes you through the entire body section by section so you will obtain a deep and thorough understanding of the canine from a craniosacral perspective. We will explore the dog-human relationship from a unique view. VCST weaves shamanic technology with traditional craniosacral methods. This allows us to see what is actually happening with the dog physically, mentally and emotionally in that moment and locate primary issues affecting behavior, health and performance. We will work with dogs as our master teachers. We also explore the speech of nature, the art of listening in expanded awareness, focus, sourcing, and the interface in relationships. The levels build on each other so must be taken in sequence but you are not required to take them all.

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