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K9 Manual Ligament Therapy Foundation K9 Manual Ligament Therapy Foundation

Course Description

During this 3-day course, you will learn the Foundation and Science of Manual Ligament Therapy and complete several modules of MLT Training. Each module focuses on a specific region of the body to dramatically reduce hypertonicity in the muscles, restore balance and stability of the joints and improve patterns of movement.

Course Syllabus
K9 MLT™ Foundation Module

Learn the theory and history behind Manual Ligament Therapy and discover releases for the "Sit Muscles" of the lower back, hip and stifle.

K9 MLT Module 2

One-day workshop focusing on the "Fetch" muscles in the dog.

K9 MLT Module 3

This one-day workshop builds on the prior MLT modules by looking at the "Shake Muscles" of the shoulder joint.

K9 MLT Module 4

The fourth step of the K9 MLT ladder focuses on the "Roll Over Muscles" of the thoracic region.

K9 MLT Module 5

The final certification module for Canine MLT explores release for the "Running Muscles" of the limbs.

Instructor: Ms. Lola Michelin
Location: Vashon Island, WA
Student Limit: 12
Date(s) of Class: 02/28/14 - 03/02/14

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