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We offer professional-level training for students wishing to work with two main groups of animal clients: 

  • Small Animal (includes dogs, cats and companion animals)
  • Large Animal (includes horses and livestock). 

These certification courses are offered in a unique hybrid format combining distance learning with a hands-on with practical

Our program now offers three levels of massage training.  Our Animal Massage Foundation course provides foundation training suitable for career-seekers and animal lovers alike.  The additional levels of training are designed to add specialized skills in sports massage or rehabilitation massage techniques, offering graduates the opportunity to specialize their training.  All three levels are available for small animals or large animals.

Animal Massage Foundation Level

Performance Massage for Animals

Rehabilitation Massage for Animals



Course overview:  Each certification course consists of 150-200 hours of training in animal behavior and handling,  massage theory and practice, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology and first aid or pathology.  Classes may also include business development, guest speakers and field trips. 

Course materials: 300+ page workbook (includes exercises and practice quizzes) or online materials, practice SOAP charts, textbook(s), and access to our online study area (includes instructor support, quizzes, suggested reading material, and more.)  Other study aids such as DVDs and supplemental guides may be included.

Hands-on work:  The practical application of the material is a key aspect of our teaching style.  Students will complete many hours of hands-on work during the five-day practical and through learning exercises and activities presented throughout the course.

Certification:  Graduates of our small animal program are awarded the SAMP (Small Animal Massage Practitioner) Certificate of Achievement.  Likewise, graduates of our large animal program are awarded the LAMP (Large Animal Massage Practitioner) Certificate of Achievement.

Distance Learning Option:  Students selecting this option study at their own pace from home, using the above course materials.  Each student is paired with an online instructor.  Instructors answer questions, grade the exercises and monitor general progress.  Quizzes are taken online or via mail.  

Additionally, at the completion of the distance learning course, students should plan to attend a 5-day practical workshop to complete their learning in a hands-on environment. The distance-learning portion of the certification course has a 6-month enrollment period, which is ample time to complete the program leisurely.  Students are required to declare their intention to attend a practical session when they have completed half of the program, or three months from the enrollment date.  If additional time is needed, students may extend their enrollment an additional 6 months (fee applies). 


  • $1500 -$1900 for distance-learning online course
  • $500 for 5-day practical (taken after completion of distance learning course)
  • There are no additional costs for either class; books and other materials are INCLUDED
  • Shipping and Handling applies for distance-learning materials ($20 for domestic shipments, international shipments daily UPS rates apply.)
  • If an enrollment extension is needed, the fee is $100.00 for an additional 6 months.
  • If a student must change their practical date or location once registered for a specific practical, then there will be a $100 registration fee.

How to Enroll: 

Students may enroll in one of three ways:

  1. Sign-up using our online course catalog.
  2. Submit an application by mail or email. 
  3. Enroll by phone toll-free 877 836-3703 (In the Seattle area, call 206.463.1425)


Distance-learning: FRegistration fee of $150 due at time of application.  Remaining payment is due in full at the time of enrollment (with signed student contract).  However, students selecting the financing option pay a deposit at time of enrollment (plus shipping and handling), while paying the balance over the following 12-months.  Enrollment for the practical portion of the program requires a $50 registration fee (the balance of $450 is due on the first day of class). 

Please contact us if you have any questions about this information.  We look forward to helping you pursue your interest in animal massage!


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