Canine Visionary Craniosacral Therapy Lvl 2-SEP24


Level 1: Introduction to VCCST or VECST – This is the beginning of your journey where you’ll explore the history and theory behind craniosacral therapy from a visionary perspective utilizing the ancient wisdom of shamanic technologies.



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Level 2: The Front End
You’ll be perfecting your ability to feel the craniosacral rhythm and being in expanded states of awareness, as you learn the front-end anatomy, common pathologies and a protocol specific to issues of the forelimb. Anatomy: neck, withers, forelimb, shoulder girdle, back, ribs & the paw.

VCCST is a heart-based modality grounded in ancient wisdom. The work enhances the function and health of the nerves, membranes, tissues, fluids, and joints. It affects all systems of the body. Using a delicate energetic palpation, the practitioner supports the body, mind and spirit of the being so they can re-balance themselves. We work with them without an agenda, always for their highest good.