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ABSTRACT: [The action of massage on lymph formation and transport]

Potapov IA, Abisheva TM.

Acute tests on anesthetized dogs revealed stimulation of local lymphization and lymph transport following manual massage of tissues. Lymph levels of protein and lymphocytes rose.

Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. 1989 Mar;9(3):141-3, 131.

[Study on "massage to activate the meridian" apparatus in the treatment of cholecystolithiasis]

[Article in Chinese]

Wu JQ, Liu T, Bai YL.

This apparatus is designed in accordance with the doctrine and principles of traditional Chinese medicine and based on the theory of meridian and specific massage procedure in conjunction with the "Information Theory" and electron utilizing technique. It utilizes a programmed induction "Special Wave" to stimulate a series of acupuncture points, combined with administration of western drugs from a regime of "General Attack" treatment on the gallbladder stones, to enhance their evacuation. By stimulating the specific acupuncture points with this apparatus through the action of "Special Wave" strong contraction of the gallbladder can be elicitated. Experiments on dogs showed that under such stimulation the intra-gallbladder pressure can be increased 26 times, producing a jet of bile flow which facilitates the expulsion and evacuation of stones in the gallbladder. Method of use: first place a conductive rubber pad on the acupuncture point to be stimulated, then use a hand-held electrode to massage-stimulate the meridian. It is carried out forward and backward along the direction of meridian. The whole procedure is carried out under direct visualization with the help of ultrasonic B-scan. When dilatation of the common bile duct is observed, the hand-help electrode is used to perform push-compress massage on the meridian, and acupuncture points making the stones enter the common bile duct B-scan give proper orientation for the manipulation. This method has been tested clinically on 410 patients with good results. The evacuation rate of the gallbladder stones was 92.7% with complete evacuation achieved in 17.3%.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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