November 15th, 2012 NWSAM Exclusive Courses in MLT Announced

Manual Ligament Therapy is one of the most innovative osteopathic-massage techniques to come along in years. Developed by Arik Gohl and based on the early works of Dr. Hugh Logan, DC and Dr. Issac Solomonov, this proprioceptive approach reduces hypertonicity by 80% or more and helps to restabliize the joints to provide improved movement.

Designed for use in human massage and medicine, the technique has been adapted for use in animals by NWSAM Director of Education Lola Michelin under the direction of Arik Gohl himself.  The technique is taught over five modules, each focused on specific regions of the body.  In 2013, NWSAM will be offering all five modules over a 6-day course.  Students can participating in one or more days or complete the full course to become a certified MLT Practitioner for Animals.  Course are available for canine or equine specialties and all classes are taught by Lola Michelin.

This technique is proving to have profound effects on animals of all ages and stages. Improved joint stability and reduced muscle tension translates to healthier animals who perform better and experience less discomnfort.

You can be among the first to learn MLT for Animals and transform your practice. Better results in less time with less effort. This is the continuing education class you have been wiating for and you can only get it one place...NWSAM.

The Northwest School of Animal Massage is the exclusive provider of eduation in MLT for Animals. We are always striving to meet the growing demands of the animal massage industry by developing new courses and discovering new methods in serving our animal community. Because at NWSAM, we believe...The Future Is In Your Hands!