Using Online Services

Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Using Online Services August 27, 2019
    •  Explore the features of this online course, and let the online support staff help with any questions.
    •     Use the Students list to see who else is participating in the course. You can view their profile, send messages, post on walls (see next 2 pointers), and friend each other.
    •        Use your student Group wall (see the right sidebar of your Student Profile) to ask questions and trade info with other students with the same instructor, or to ask your instructor a question of general interest.
    •     Post on the SAMP wall by clicking on News on the left sidebar, and everyone will see.
    •     Visit the News and student group walls often to see what’s being discussed and feel more connected.
    •     Although you can see who else is online when you are, the Chat feature is unreliable and not recommended.
    •        Obtain instructor support with any questions you may have about how to study, how to pace yourself for the practicum, or quiz taking concerns, etc.
    •       Make suggestions or requests to your instructor by messaging her.
    •    Use the Personal Resource Library feature to save web resources, pictures, and files you’ve found that relate to the course.
    •    Share them with your instructor to see if they’d be a good addition to the School Library.
    •    In order to get the most out of the practicum, get assistance in assessing what areas to focus on given your unique background.


Reading and DVD Assignments

Watch the portion of your DVD that covers Anatomy and Physiology.

Canine Antomy Guide



Anatomy of Domestic Animals: Systematic and Regional Approach. Pasquini, Chris, et al. 7th Edition. 1996

Dog Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas. Kainer, Robert. McCracken, Thomas. 2003.

Dog Anatomy: A Pictorial Approach to Canine Structure. Goody, Peter C. 1997.

Job’s Body. Juhann, Deanne. 1998