The Earth Horse – Occupation

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The Earth Horse – Occupation

The Earth horse is good at any job that requires steadiness. He is often not as athletic or flashy as some of the other types, but he makes up for this in consistency of performance. Many ranch horses are Earth horses and they can be counted on to perform under all kinds of conditions. The teamwork aspect of the Earth constitution shows up strongly in the bond between a cowboy and his horse, and the laid-back nature of the Earth horse is good when working around cattle.

The Earth horse can be a great hunter or jumper, especially for kids and amateur adults. His unflappable disposition makes him a wonderful parade horse or therapeutic riding mount. Teamed with the right partner he can be a good play-day or barrel racing horse one day and a safe trail pony the next.

Earth horses can be trusted with beginners and children which makes them the perfect school horse. If you are looking for a horse to keep at the farm for the grandkids, an Earth horse will fill the bill.

In short, a solid Earth horse can do just about any job his conformation will allow him to do. The challenge is to let the Earth horse learn his job and then do it without a lot of interference from the rider. Confusing the Earth horse with too many or unfair demands will spoil his normally willing, cooperative attitude.