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Show Hunters / Field Hunters Copy

Show hunters are designed to compete over a course of obstacles which closely simulates natural obstacles found in the hunt field. Hunter competitions are fashioned after fox-hunting although on a smaller scale. Horses are judged on their ability to cover ground horizontally in a rhythmic manner, jump cleanly out of stride and exhibit obedience and responsiveness to the rider.

Field hunters are used primarily for recreational hunts across the countryside and are selected for their endurance, comfortable gaits, soundness and clean jumping ability. Field hunters tend to be larger and more solid in body type than show hunters.

The ideal hunter type is a well-balanced horse, built only slightly uphill with good coupling and shock-absorbing joint structure. The temperament should be brave and willing without excessive energy limiting endurance or disrupting obedience.

Common Breeds

  •        Thoroughbreds
  •        Warmbloods
  •        Crossbreeds
  •        Pony Breeds