Manual Ligament Therapy Defined Copy

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Manual Ligament Therapy Defined Copy

LOLA March 3, 2021

Manual Ligament Therapy (commonly referred to as MLT) is a technique developed by Arik Gohl, LMT.  It is based on decades of work and research from the fields of chiropractic and osteopathy.

The benefits of this technique are two-fold.

  1. It reduces chronic hypertonicity in the musculature
  2. It helps to re-establish stability in joints affected by repetitive stress

MLT involves the thoughtful manipulation of specific ligaments combined with movement of the affected muscles.

To successfully apply MLT, it is important to have knowledge of the muscles and their kinesthetic actions and to learn the location of the ligaments that most directly communicate with those muscles.

MLT for Animals is based on the same technique.  It was modified for use with animals by Lola Michelin, a student of Arik Gohl, with his input and permission.  While the application in animals is slightly different than in humans, the resulting benefits are the same.