Learning Activity : Observe and Discuss Gender/Breed/Herd Dynamics and Senses Copy

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Learning Activity : Observe and Discuss Gender/Breed/Herd Dynamics and Senses Copy

At this point in your chapter studies, take the time to observe herd, gender and/or breed dynamics in horses. You can do this by watching videos online, observing your own horses or horses you have access to or watching a movie.  Some favorites include Buck, Harry and Snowman and, of course, Seabiscuit.  Here is a link to a video of a wild herd of mustangs observed over the course of a year in Nevada:  Wild Mustangs of Nevada

You may wish to make a checklist of behavior to watch for related to gender, breed, or herd dynamics.  You can compare the behaviors of wild bands to domesticated relationships.  It’s your choice, the exercise is designed to just get you observing and thinking about horses in perhaps a new way.

Take your time and simply observe the natural behavior of the horse or horses. Note the breed, gender, situation, and any other information such as age, or a mare in season, that might be affecting the behavior and dynamics you observe.

Jot down several observations, and using what you already know or have learned so far in the chapter, provide detail on what you notice.

To what do you attribute the specific behaviors you observe: gender, breed? Are herd dynamics being tested?

What do you notice that you wouldn’t have observed before studying this material?

Observe a horse or horses as they use their senses. What do you notice that is new to you?

How do your observations affect the way you interact with your horse, or large prey animals you are around?

This is not a graded activity, but we are interested in your observations! Submit your assignment comments in the discussion by replying to the thread below.

Your participation helps your retention of this material and allows your instructor to assess your progress in the course.

NOTE: Discussions are asynchronous, depending on enrollment times and cohort sizes, which means you may not see anyone else discussing this activity when you do. That’s perfectly fine. Your posting to the discussion board when you reach this point in your studies is what’s important.

Enjoy this activity and your time with the herd!

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