Learning Activities and Performance Assessment Tasks

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Learning Activities and Performance Assessment Tasks

adavidcr@icloud.com August 27, 2019

Instructions to Students

The following activities are designed to reinforce the material you have recently read. We encourage you to participate fully in the activities to help gain confidence, knowledge and comfort in working with the language and concepts introduced.

    •        Complete Activities 1-3, on the following pages, to the best of your ability.
    •        Take the Chapter Quiz, first for practice.
    •        Check your answers.
    •        Remember, you may refer to your study materials while completing the activities (open book).
    •        Test your recall by answering the questions without looking up the answers.
    •     Review the material for information you didn’t recall.
    •        Re-test yourself and see if your understanding and retention has improved.
    •    Retake the Quiz until you get an 80% score or better. This is required to pass.
    •        Memorization is not required, nor recommended.
    •        Apply what you have studied in the chapter by following the suggested activities list.
    •        Submit these performance assessment learning activities to your online instructor.
    •        Assessment is based on your timely completion and submission of the actitivities.
    •        If you any questions, contact your online instructor for clarification.