Large Animal Rehabilitation Case Studies: Submission 3

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Large Animal Rehabilitation Case Studies: Submission 3 September 29, 2019

Please submit one completed SOAP chart per massage session/animal. Please submit no more than 5 SOAP charts at one time to allow your instructor to provide feedback between submissions. You may strike out sensitive information for your clients, but please include the name of the client (you may wish to request their permission to use their horse for this assignment in advance). You are required to submit a total of 25 individual SOAP charts. You may use the same animal more than once but no more than 3 times total. If you have difficulty finding enough animals to work on to complete 25 sessions, please discuss options with your instructor. SOAP charts can be scanned or photographed and submitted here. Please do not submit charts to personal email addresses. If you are unable to submit your case studies here, please contact your instructor for options.