Good and Poor Grooming Habits Copy

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Good and Poor Grooming Habits Copy

Good Grooming Habits

  • Check the entire body for injury, loose shoes, sores, etc.
  • Remove dirt and sweat.
  • Wipe out eyes, nose and ears.
  • Clean out entire sole and frog area of hoof.
  • Check for dirt or sweat in areas often overlooked, including centerline of belly, girth area, between hind legs and other areas not visually apparent.


Signs of Poor Grooming

  • Thick, matted hair
  • Thick caked mud or dirt that is not from recent turn-out or work
  • Dry, flaky skin or bare patches left untreated
  • Weeping sores (mud fever) on legs or belly
  • Runny eyes or nose that is excessive or dried
  • Untended injuries or wounds
  • Thrush (a foul smelling infection of the foot)