Facial Expressions Copy

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Facial Expressions Copy

Some examples of facial expressions include:

Relaxed and at ease

  •        Eyes, ears and lips relaxed
  •        Chewing or licking to mobilize the jaw
  •        Nostrils relaxed

Anxious or excited

  •        Ears pricked or moving
  •        Eyes alert and large
  •        Lips pursed or tight
  •        Nostrils flared or moving

Attentive or curious

  •        Ears pricked or moving
  •        Eyes soft but alert
  •        Lips normal, possibly moving
  •        Nostrils may be normal or dilated

Aggressive or defensive

  •        Ears flattened or back
  •        Eyes hard and narrowed
  •        Lips drawn or tight
  •        Nostrils pinched or excessively flared


  •        Ears back or moving rapidly
  •        Eyes large and moving, may show “whites”
  •        Lips drawn back
  •        Nostrils flared