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Eventing combines the disciplines of dressage, stadium jumping and cross-country jumping and requires a horse similar to a human triathlete. Events are timed. Horses may compete over the span of one, two or three days. The horses are evaluated frequently for their stamina and fitness. These horses blend all the attributes of the jumper, dressage and racehorse.

The ideal body type for eventing is similar to the racer with a lean body and strong hindquarter. Sloping shoulders and flexible joints are vital. Most eventers possess the longer back of the racer to allow for long periods of galloping. The balance is closer to the horizontal conformation of the hunter than the uphill build of a jumper or dressage horse to allow jumping freely from the gallop. The mental willingness and joy in competing are hallmarks of an event horse.

Common Breeds

  •        Thoroughbred
  •        Crossbreeds
  •        Pony Breeds