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LOLA August 18, 2020


Latin Name: Cedrus Atlantica


Safety: Non-toxic and non-skin irritating, used in low dilutions.


Region/origin: Atlas mountains of Morocco, regions from northern Africa to Asia.




Kidney support

Insect repellant



Back soreness, due to kidney issues

Aids in expelling mucus



Massage, for back rubs in the kidney region

Inhalation for calming and centering, gathering thoughts from panic

Inner strength

Helps hair loss problems

Helps lower high blood pressure due to stress

Good oil for chronic coughing and respiratory problems

Opens energetic blockages



Used in Egypt for incense and embalming

Used in cosmetics

The famous Cedars of Lebanon are found in ancient textbooks

Tibet used it for medicine and incense for their temples

Solomon used it to build parts of his temple and buildings in Bible stories


Dominant chemical group: Sesquiterpene alcohols 

Meaning anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, gland stimulating, anti-parasitic, general tonic.


Joan’s experience:

The first time I used Cedarwood, I was in a massage class for my low back and sacrum area. I was told that it helps to open the energy system and move energy through the central nervous system. I would take a hot shower and then apply the Cedarwood on my low back and sacrum area. I always felt energized and more clear-headed afterward.


I have used this oil in a bug bite blend and applied it on horses manes diluted.


I use it for self-selection with animals to see if it will be one of the calming oils they need. 


Cedarwood can be used for fear when an animal is timid and needs reassurance. There are many different reasons why animals might be scared, and when you know you have at least five or six types of oils for calming, Cedarwood is a top-notch one to have in your group for selection. For example, violet leaf is for anxiety from anticipation, Frankincense is for fear from aggression. Linden blossom used for fear from dominant people, displacement, and neglect.


You can use it for a skin blend ointment or diluted in aloe which is very nice and soothing on the skin.