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Breed Dynamics Copy

Breeds have been developed in preference to temperament and physical attributes. As a result some generalizations can be made regarding behavior in relation to body type. Below, we will not address all the various breeds, but rather the breed types, although individual breeds do often have their own reputations.

Typically horses bred for heavy work were also prized for their gentle unflappable natures. Today we still consider the draft horse breeds to be “gentle giants” and typically they do possess a more docile and amiable personality. They are sometimes referred to as cold-blooded horses, although this is not a literal term by any means.

Speed horses such as Thoroughbreds and Arabians possess a more fiery temperament. They also tend to be thinner skinned, both literally and figuratively. They are the “hot-blooded” members of the family tree.

Somewhere in between are the very utilitarian breeds classified as “warm-bloods”. European in descent for the most part, these breeds are generally characterized by strong bodies and minds and a phlegmatic personality; they can also have a stubborn side.

In addition to these are the pony breeds, some with heavier body types like the Cobb or Welsh and some more refined like the Hackney. Ponies tend to be long lived and are often clever and mischievous! Their affectionate and independent nature make them remarkable teachers for young riders.