Body Postures Copy

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Body Postures Copy

Some examples of posturing may include:


  •        Comes forward to meet you
  •        May blow through the nose
  •        Head and neck outstretched


  •        Eyes and ears dropping or half-mast
  •        Resting a single hind leg
  •        Head and neck down
  •        May hang lip


  •        Standing stiffly or moving around in agitation
  •        Quivering lip and ears moving rapidly
  •        Pawing or cocking a hind leg or may shake body


  •        Turning backside toward you or becoming pushy
  •        Coming toward you with aggression
  •        Baring teeth, snorting, tossing the head with agression
  •        Threatening to kick or bite


  •        Running away
  •        If confined, may back up quickly or try to wheel or spin
  •        Stiff back
  •        Tossing head frantically or threatening to kick out behind