Behavior and Handling : An Overview Copy

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Behavior and Handling : An Overview Copy

There are many opinions and methods for handling horses from the ground, including different ways of approaching, haltering, leading, and tying. Expect to encounter different ways of doing things when working in the field with a range of clients.

As you become increasingly familiar with large animals and massage therapy, you will develop your own opinions and methods that may differ from those used during the practicum or those used by your clients. As a massage therapist, there are times when it is best to adapt to your client’s ways because these ways are familiar to the horse and are good management methods. Other times you may feel the need to draw the line for your own safety and ethics, and for the well-being of the horse. We recognize and respect that there are several excellent management styles within the horse community.

In the context of this class, we will present those methods that are:

  •        Consistent with the training that is used with the practical horses.
  •        Commonly accepted across the horse industry.
  •        Most likely to secure the greatest degree of safety for the horse while allowing the best opportunity to provide massage.