ASSIGNMENT: Learning Activity – Directional Vocabulary

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ASSIGNMENT: Learning Activity – Directional Vocabulary

Completing the learning activity will help you practice using directional vocabulary with the external points of the dog.

In the text on the previous page, you were given two example descriptive sentences:

  • For example, you now know that the carpus is distal to the elbow. Conversely, the elbow is proximal to the carpus.
  • You can also say that the croup is caudal to the wither and dorsal to the thigh.

Without repeating the examples given above, identify 6 more external points of the dog, describing their relative locations using directional terminology.

Write short, descriptive sentences like the ones in the examples above.

Practice saying where external parts of a dog are located, in relation to each other, using the directional vocabulary you’ve just studied. Practicing by both writing and saying your descriptions will help you easily remember these terms.

Use your anatomy workbook figures, the canine anatomy online figures, or copies you have made for study. You could also practice on a willing dog. Have your directional vocabulary list, as well as your roots and prefix vocabulary lists available for reference.

You can either write your sentences in the Activity editor window by clicking on Prepare Answer, or attach your written document by clicking on the Upload File icon in the editor menu. If you’re preparing but not ready to submit, click on Save but Don’t Submit to save your work. When you’re ready to turn in your assignment, click on Save and Submit.

Although this is not a graded activity, it is an assigned activity. Your timely completion and submission helps your instructor assess your progress through the course.

Contact your instructor with any questions about this assignment.