ASSIGNMENT: Learning Activity 3 of 4 from Suggested Activities List

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ASSIGNMENT: Learning Activity 3 of 4 from Suggested Activities List

At this point in your chapter studies, it’s a good time to pick a suggested activity and complete one of the four required.

As stated in the Instructions for Students at the beginning of this chapter:

It is up to you to decide how many and which of the suggested learning activities will be most helpful for you. We do not expect you to use all of the suggestions; however, you must complete four suggested activities to support at least two different learning styles. Most of us have a dominant style, but all of us learn best if we learn new information using more than one style.”

The three learning styles, again, are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. This means reviewing material by listening and speaking (auditory), looking at pictures and diagrams (visual), and kinesthetic, through writing the information out yourself (eye/hand).

  • Review the Suggested Learning Activities on the Learning Activities page at the beginning of this chapter.
  • Select one that relates to the material you’ve just studied.
  • Choose a type of learning style that will help you retain or practice the information, and that will help you complete your requirements.
  • Create and Complete your activity.
  • Then Discuss what you did, and what you learned, briefly, in the Postings, by clicking on the subject line of the post below. That will open up the discussion board for you to add your assignment comments to the thread.
  • Talk briefly about which learning style you choose for which suggested activity, as well as how you went about doing it.
  • Include a sentence or two about how trying that learning style helped you learn from the activity.
  • All four of your chosen activities must be completed and submitted during this chapter study period.
  • While these are not graded, your performance is assessed by your timely participation, completion, and submission.
  • Remember that because enrollment in the course is ongoing, you may be the only student participating in this discussion at this time. That’s perfectly fine. Don’t wait to see others on the board. Just complete your comments and continue on with the lesson. We’ll see and appreciate them. Thanks!