ASSIGNMENT: Activity Three : Observing Horse Handling – Detailed Assigned Report

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ASSIGNMENT: Activity Three : Observing Horse Handling – Detailed Assigned Report February 4, 2020

For this exercise you will need to observe some horse handling. This can be accomplished by observing friends or professionals, attending a local horse show, visiting a therapeutic riding center during lessons, or renting horse-related videotapes from a tack store.

After at least one hour of observing horse handling, consider the questions below. You may wish to keep a journal on your observations for your own study and for use during the practical.

Using your observations, notes, and any photos or diagrams you made during your field research or review of videos, answer the questions below according to your observations. Use the vocabuary you have learned in this chapter in your descriptions and/or labeling, as much as possible. You may refer to the chapter text and any supplemental materials.

  • Did you observe good handling practices when horses were being haltered and/or led? Describe your observations.
  • Describe two examples of how awareness was utilized by a handler.
  • Describe two examples of how positioning was utilized by a handler.
  • Give two examples of how contact was used in the handling.
  • Have your observations either changed or affirmed your own practice of horse handling?
  • How did your observations add to your learning of these concepts and practices?

Be sure that your report is based on actual observations you have made while working on this lesson, rather than remembering past experiences.

This activity gives you the opportunity to write clearly and concisely, using terms and vocabulary you know or have learned in the lesson. This is a core ability for professional massage practitioners that you are developing through the course.

Assessment for this activity is based on your participation, completion, and submission. We’re looking specifically for how you established the 3 key elements: awareness, positioning, and contact.

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