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About this Chapter

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Learning Objectives

By studying this chapter, you will learn to

  •        Define anatomical and directional vocabulary.
  •        Locate the external points of the horse.
  •        Discuss the skeletal system: functions and parts.
  •        Recognize joint structures and movements.
  •        Identify bony landmarks palpable on the horse.
  •        Summarize ligaments: structure, functions and locations.
  •        Describe tendons: structure, functions and locations.
  •        Explain fascia: structure, functions and locations
  •        List muscles: structure, functions, locations


How This Information Will Improve Your Massage

  •        The effectiveness and efficiency of your work will be greater.
  •        The intent and focus of your work will be clearer.
  •        You will be better able to assess the needs of the horse.
  •        You will be able to discuss your work more accurately and professionally with owners, veterinarians, potential clients, etc.


Core Abilities

This lesson will help you develop your abilities to

  •        Think critically and creatively
  •        Communicate effectively
  •        Act professionally, humanely and safely
  •        Write clearly and concisely