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About This Chapter Copy

Guidelines for Study

Learning Objectives

By studying this chapter, you will be able to

  •        Understand key elements of horse handling.
  •        Recall safety considerations for handling from the ground, tying, etc.
  •        Identify equipment you will use and/or should be aware of.
  •        Discuss equine senses.
  •        Explain herd behavior and predator/prey considerations.
  •        Recognize body language. What are they trying to tell you?
  •        Name grooming basics you should know as a professional in the field.
  •        Define destructive habits: considerations for massage.
  •        Demonstrate introductory knowledge of breeds and disciplines.


How This Information Will Improve Your Massage

  •        It will help keep you and the horse safe!
  •        Confidence in your safety will help keep you relaxed and grounded.
  •        You will be better able to interpret and analyze the needs of the horse.
  •        You will be able to educate the guardian about issues that may affect the horse’s well-being and the success of the massage.
  •        The horse’s guardian will have confidence in your professionalism.


Core Abilities

This lesson will help you develop your abilities to

  •        Think critically and creatively
  •        Communicate effectively
  •        Act professionally, humanely and safely
  •        Write clearly and concisely