FREE Growth Challenge – 13th to 17th May

Designed exclusively for equine therapists and bodyworkers.

We’d love to see you there. Simply sign up at the link below

It’s run by Nicola Kinnard-Comedie at NKC Equestrian Training. Nicola is a business and Mindset coach for equine practitioners and vets (and ME), and it’s totally free!

Here are all the details from Nicola ….

Come and get some extra motivation, fresh ideas for marketing and leave the challenge with your next steps for growth all mapped out.

5 days and 5 easy to complete tasks which are going to give you SO MUCH CLARITY on growing your business.

Here’s the structure for the Challenge week…

Day 1- Grow yourself – uncover the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, why these matter and how to release them

Day 2- Grow your social media presence – most practitioners feel frustrated with their social media. Content creation takes time, and often doesn’t result in clients, bookings or sales. Discover the content you need to create and I’ll give you one of my best top performing templates as well.

Day 3- Grow your income – knowing where to put your focus is the hardest thing. Do you focus on more clients, new packages? Both? I’ll walk you through a life changing exercise to discover the gaps in your business and what you need to do to grow your income

Day 4- Grow your clients – discover your next steps to find your next dream clients who actually want to work with you.

Day 5- Activation and find your new level.

We’d love to see you there. Simply sign up at the link below