Introduction to Animal Acupressure

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Introduction to Animal Acupressure

Montana Banana May 19, 2020

Welcome to your complimentary course in Animal Acupressure. The toolbar on your right will allow you to navigate between pages .  At the upper right is a menu bar that will allow you to view the catalog and navigate the site outside of your classroom.

This course is composed of two Lessons.  There are Topics within each Lesson.When you click on the Lessons you will see the separate Topic headings.  You can click on each to view the individual topics.  You can advance through the lessons by using the Save and Continue or Next Lesson button at the bottom of each screen or by selecting Lessons and Topics from the menu at the right.

Thank you for taking our Introduction to Animal Acupressure course.  Enjoy! To learn more about our courses, please visit our Course Catalog or contact us directly at 877.836.3703.