Chapter Conclusion

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Chapter Conclusion February 4, 2020

As an animal owner you may be willing to go several steps further in administering care for your own animals. Again, we recommend that you obtain further training to feel confident that you will be giving your animals the best possible chance of recovery.

We do not cover bandaging procedures in the 5 day practicum section of this course. The information provided in the text is only given to ensure that you have some idea of how bandaging is done. Bandaging must be done properly or severe damage and loss of function can occur. Do not bandage a horse if you do not feel confident in your level of skill. We cover bandaging more thoroughly in the Level 300 course.

Congratulations! This concludes ChapterĀ 5: Equine First Aid.

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We look forward to seeing you at the 5-day hands-on practicum that will complete your certification.