Preparation for the Canine MLT Hands-On Training


You are now ready to attend the hands-on training portion of the MLT certification program.

You may wish to print off the pages of the muscle information if you do not already possess an NWSAM Anatomy Guide for Manual Therapists from a previous course.

Additional information will be provided in class.  If you have not already registered for dates to attend the hands-on training, please visit the course catalog or contact our office to do so.

Reviewing the anatomy and kinesiology from this course as often as possible prior to class will help your success.

Please bring colored pens or pencils with you to class as you will be creating flashcards in class to help with your learning.

If you have any questions about the information provided here or were unable to access the video link provided, please contact us prior to class.

We look forward to seeing you in class and furthering your training in Manual Ligament Therapy!

Welcome to the online portion of the Manual Ligament Therapy course.

This course is designed as a blended-learning course with the online material designed to prepare you for the hands-on training portion.

The course is organized into 3 Lessons.  Under each lesson you will find several topics and/or quizzes to read and review.  Feel free to print off any of the materials you find here for future reference or to use in the hands-on class. You can move around within the course, but we recommend you go through the lessons start to finish first and then review those areas you wish to spend more time on.

Manual Ligament Therapy is a technique that was developed to accomplish two things:

  1. reduce muscle tension
  2. improve joint stability

It is an extremely useful technique because it combines gentle massage with movement and it is easy on both the practitioner and the animal.

The following three lessons will give you more insight into what Manual Ligament is, how it was developed and why it is useful in your practice.