Why MLT? Copy

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Why MLT? Copy

nwsam March 3, 2021

According to research, our body’s ligaments constantly provide the brain with proprioceptive information about our neuromusculoskeletal system.
When the ligaments send out pain signals to the brain, your muscles tense up or stiffen. So by stimulating the mechanoreceptors of the ligaments, the brain receives signals that the ligament is no longer in danger, and this then reduces muscle tension quite dramatically.

Gain Without Pain

The great thing about MLT is that it acts on a subtle level—in fact, it is so gentle that it could be applied even on sufferers of acute pain. As tension is eased and the muscles soften, the patient will more readily feel an increase in mobility and function.
Moreover, the treatment does more than just tell the muscles to relax. It also helps stimulate the ligaments so it starts the healing process right away. This helps restore blood circulation into the area that was once painful.

Why MLT?

Repetitive stress is responsible for many situations that result in chronic pain and loss of range of motion.  Massage often only provides temporary relief, particularly if the stress is re-introduced.  One of the reasons the relief does not last is because the ligament is still signaling a “splinting ” reaction if damage to the ligament is also not addressed.  MLT addresses not only the muscular component of chronic pain and muscle tension, but also the ligament aspect.  This results in dramatic and long-lasting improvements.