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Gestures Copy

Some examples of gesturing include:

Feigning to kick or bite

  •        Cocking a hind leg
  •        Swinging head around to bite at rider’s leg
  •        Biting at stall front
  •        Turning his hind end toward you when approached

Swishing tail or clamping

  •        Repeatedly whipping tail with uncanny good aim
  •        Wringing tail when being groomed or ridden
  •        Clamping tail against buttocks when handled


  •        May be done to explore environment
  •        Repeated pawing may express boredom/impatience
  •        Young horses may paw to elicit play
  •        Stallions may paw to indicate arousal
  •        As a sign of agitation or illness


  •        As a relaxation response
  •        To express submission
  •        As a sign of frustration if done with aggression


  •        As a relaxation response
  •        In response to work applied to the muscles of the head and neck to help process or work out the areas of sensitivity or tension